USFS continues stay of Deerfield Wind proceedings

USFS Continues Stay Request Past April 22, 2013.  Read the Court Filing here:  doc20130429130129.

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Iberdrola is seeking to use longer turbine blades on the western ridgeline.   The USFS, through their attorneys at the DOJ, contacted VCE’s attorneys seeking a stay of the proceedings.  We agreed, and the Motion for Stay is here:

2012-11-02 Govt Stipulated Motion for Stay

Judge Murtha issued this order granting the stay:
ORDER granting [52] Federal Defendants’ Stipulated Motion to Stay; finding as moot [52] Alternative Motion for Extension of Time to File Response re: [45] Plaintiffs’ Motion for Summary Judgment. This case shall be stayed for a period of six months, or until the Forest Service either issues a Supplemental Information Report (SIR) or there is a final Supplemental Environment Impact Statement (EIS) and any related modification to the Record of Decision (ROD) (including the completion of any required administrative appeal or objection process), whichever comes first. During the stay, Federal Defendants shall file a status report with…

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