Massachusetts / Vermont

Wind Power and Wind Turbine Refugees
Friday March 1, 2013

Editor of the Reformer:
A wind turbine project in Florida, Mass., has turned my two best friends into wind turbine refugees.

The Hoosac Wind Power Project, brought to their neighborhood on Tilda Hill Road by Iberdrola Renewables, has literally put my friends out of their home. Since the gigantic wind turbines started producing power, residents of the neighborhood have been experiencing many different types of illnesses including headaches, dizziness, stomach upsets, breathing difficulties, chest pains and other maladies. My friends literally abandoned their home in the middle of the night during a snowstorm because they could no longer stand the sick feelings they were experiencing from the wind turbine vibrations. Wild animals have abandoned the area, which used to be home to bear, moose and other mountain creatures, as well as reports of neighborhood pets being sick.

Though the wind turbines sound like a jet engine 24 hours a day, they also emit a low-frequency vibration that a person cannot hear, but bodies can feel. Those vibrations are what caused my friends to experience all of the above listed illnesses.

Once they left the area for a few days, they started to feel better. Presently, they are staying with me in South Newfane and trying to figure out what to do next. Aside from participating in a neighborhood lawsuit, they are attempting to recover from the initial shock of losing their home and property value.

If the residents of Grafton and Windham want to visit the area and see the Iberdrola sponsored wind turbines, all they have to do is drive up Route 2 to Florida and turn on to Tilda Hill Road. Look to the right and you will be shocked to see how large these things are and how ominous they appear.

I am not against wind power, only against big companies that are not from the United States coming into our areas and ruining the lives of a town full of people for their own profit. Smaller wind turbines are great, but the extra large size that now lives on Tilda Hill Road should not be allowed in Vermont.

Susan E. Rosano,
South Newfane, Feb. 22 Editor of the Reformer:


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