New Hampshire

Iberdrola’s Groton Wind Violations in New Hampshire

Groton Wind, a 48-MW Iberdrola project that went into service Dec 31, was cited by residents as being in violation of the certificate granted by the State for relocating the O&M building 500+ feet from the original location. The State AG office recommended the project cease operation until the violation is corrected. A pre-hearing conference is scheduled for Oct 2.
The NH Office of the State Fire Marshall has alleged in the attached letter to the State that:
  • statements made in testimony by the Applicant’s representatives at the time of the adjudicatory hearing were not true;
  • the Applicant has failed to comply with applicable fire and building codes and, therefore, has failed to comply with the decision granting a Certificate of Site and Facility with conditions in the above docketed matter.
The Fire Marshall’s inspector is recommending that “all operation on the site cease until all safety concerns, plans, reviews, and required inspections have been completed and approved.”

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